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  1. Whoever takes over this program will inherit some pretty good talent going into next season.
  2. I just heard that Tates Creek Head Coach Mike Harmon Resigned. Has anyone else heard this? Any ideas who might replace him and what this means to the program?
  3. Why would UK be looking at a kid that didn't start Varsity at his position? Pretty sure the only QB's that anyone will be talking about this upcoming season in Lexington will be Reese Ryan, Graham Gordon, and probably a "QB controversy between Clay Bolin and Walker Wood (who looked really good as a Freshman, I mean REALLY good)....
  4. I'm not saying they won't have a solid season this year. They have some All District players returning, including a very good QB. I've been told they have some good possession receivers that will step up, and I've been told they have some really good defensive talent. I bet they post another winning season and take their district again.
  5. Missing some pretty good receivers from last year, and a good running back, and pretty much their entire starting offensive line. They graduated a lot of senior starters from what I understand.
  6. I think he will do great things at GVS. However, if this statement is true, then someone should have told him that there are plenty of D1 schools out there that compete for championships in the FCS.
  7. Does anyone know why he has decommitted? I heard it was in the Courier Journal, but I can't find it...
  8. Tates Creek: Graham Gordon, Martavius Carter, Jaren Shelby, Max Sweet
  9. Here is a highlight video for Tates Creek Quarterback Graham Gordon. He has over 4600 yards passing and 44 TD passes in his high school career, with a 65.8 completion percentage this season. Very much looking forward to watching this young man play as a Senior next year. Class of 2015 Junior highlights
  10. Is he being recruited for offense or defense or both?
  11. I know I answered my own question... It was a rhetorical question, and if Coach Harmon has a simple explanation then he owes every Senior a huge apology. Honestly, there is no explanation. Rushing the ball and passing the ball an equal number of times does NOT maintain balance. Not when the passing attempts total 245 yards and the rushing attempts total 15 yards. 10 less rushing attempts with 10 more passing attempts would have given this team at least another 100 offensive yards and probably two more scores (maybe three if you take away the three rushing attempts inside the three yard line, all stopped for a loss resulting in a field goal). Any way you slice it, this was a bad call and I'm sure that every one who saw this game would agree with me. I mean they called a draw play on 2nd and 35 to go! Hello!?! Is anyone home up there!?!?
  12. I said it in the prediction thread, and I’ll say it again here. If Tates Creek tries to run the ball, they will lose this game. What did they do? They ran the ball 29 TIMES for 15 YARDS! Why!?! This makes no sense to me. You have a quarterback completing 78% of his passes and you continue to run the ball (29 rushing plays to 28 passing)! Somebody please explain this to me! I understand trying to have a balanced attack, but when you’re at the end of the 4th quarter, you’ve managed only 15 yards on 29 attempts, and you’ve got 245 yards passing on 28 attempts, abandon the run and throw the ball!!! It’s what was working! INSTEAD, with 2:30 left in the game on their own 35 and needing two scores to win, THEY CONTINUED TO RUN THE BALL!!! LOL… Congrats to Dunbar and congrats to Tates Creek on a tough season with lots of ups and downs. Hopefully the Creek coaching staff will take a hard look at whoever is doing the play calling, and makes some changes for next year. Geeze… It was like watching Joker Phillips all over again… lol..
  13. I heard Henry Clay appealed the call to the KHSAA and won. Bell will be on the field this Friday...
  14. Creek wins this one... "IF", they get out of the gate early (which they usually don't), and "IF", they throw the ball in the first half (which they usually don't)... Good luck to the Creekers...
  15. I agree... Clark County was very gritty, and showed up to play football.
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