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  1. ESPN has made a list of the KY High School stand outs position players and pitchers All-State Baseball: Kentucky - ESPNHS
  2. Actually the stats are correct, hard to imagine a 16 year old at that size but he in fact is, they didn't post his shoe size, he wears an 18.
  3. I hope his coaches and family are taking care of his arm. Sounds like the real deal! Good for him!
  4. BC and GRC will go at again, Monday the 16th at GRC.
  5. Not sure, but lots of people have asked the same question. Thought for sure he would have thrown him. He was in the game, just not on the mound.....
  6. Chase Mullins threw 6 innings. Martinez started for GRC they changed and not sure of the young mans name, someone said he was a freshman, he did a good job. If GRC wins the second game, it will be a split, and will go to runs allowed. Bourbon has not allowed as many runs as GRC or Montgomery Co, from what I heard GRC would have to beat BC by 14 runs.
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