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  1. good for message boards, but it's the December rankings I care about. No way it would ever please all of us.
  2. 1. Trinity at Cincinnati Saint Xavier, OH 2. Trinity 3. Trinity 4. Trinity 5. Trinity 6. Trinity 7. Trinity 8. Trinity JV 9. Trinity Freshman 10. Trinity Incoming classes
  3. I think this is how it is supposed to look according to a fair percentage here. 1. Trinity at Cincinnati Saint Xavier, OH 2. Trinity 3. Trinity 4. Trinity 5. Trinity 6. Trinity 7. Trinity 8. Trinity 9. Trinity 10. Trinity
  4. is that what you're hanging onto? Your MORAL VICTORY. Good Gosh. Whatever. Good luck against Clinton
  5. Oh man. I hate that saying. Not familiar with the game, but i will agree with sports fan. A loss is a loss, but practice usually is a lot harder the week following a spanking.
  6. 41-21 with the help of a late Rebel TD on Green's JV.
  7. That has absolutely nothing to do with 2011. Congrats Purples! That's a big win!
  8. a little of both. The Dragons had a couple of tough games to start the season. Casey isn't horrible and they have a couple solid players, but not enough wheels on the bus or gas in the tank. Dragons made some changes this week that helped A LOT and I think it gave them the confidence they need to start working their way to the post-season.
  9. can't knock Casey too hard for the loss to SK, but a win over one of the worst teams in the state is hardly something that should leave a good impression. I like my Kool-Aid. Green by 21+
  10. I love KHSF, but no way am I rooting for Trinity (or X for that matter).
  11. don't forget about GNC and the like. I feel that is contributing tremendously. Although I believe the PC and game consoles carry most of the blame. well maybe not blame...but those activities aren't doing you any favors in terms of acclimation.
  12. And yes. Big Eye is correct on ALL his stats and roster breakdown!
  13. everybody has a different top 10. I just can't seem to grasp anyone having Bardstown in it during pre-season:lol:. Oh well. we will play the games and they can post their rankings. It's not where you start......
  14. it's definitely a team game. No one man could do it by himself. But there is some truth in Comic book wisdom "And those teeming masses exist for the sole purpose of lifting the few exceptional people onto their shoulders."
  15. I heard this call as well. Within 30 seconds I decided the caller was a fraud. While we have all had our fair share of disagreements with officials, his claims were so outrageous that it was obvious to me that he simply wanted to smear officials. And, if this guy was an official, the games are better without him since he is an obvious disgrace to sportsmanship.
  16. CAL is a good institution and he will have the support he needs. They certainly aren't going to set him up to fail.
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