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  1. http://articles.centralkynews.com/2011-05-16/news/29550542_1_sam-marple-victor-black-head-coach
  2. My sources say he attended Eastern but did not play.
  3. North has 2 new transfers, one from Shelby Co and one from Eastern.
  4. Don Irvine of Burgin fame was offered job but did not take it.
  5. South Oldham Summer Games held at Basketball Academy ThursdayGames South Oldham defeated Spencer Boone defeated Bullitt central Trinity defeated Oldham Moore defeated Henry Boone County defeated South Oldham Spencer County defeated Bullitt Cent South Oldham defeated Carroll County J-town defeated Doss Moore defeated Oldham County Trinity defeated Henry J-town defeated Oldham Doss defeated Carroll On Friday Oldham defeated Doss Gallatin defeated Burgin South Oldham defeated Oldham Gallatin defeated Doss Spencer defeated Burgin Moore defeated South Oldham Gallatin and Moore tied Henry defeated Trimble Oldham defeated Spencer
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