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  1. Will that be the first time an out of state team is playing in the Pike County Bowl?
  2. Do they have a lot coming back from last season?
  3. I heard he is keeping 3, the 3 you just named. I was told it looks like Wolf will coach LBs, Maples will coach RBs, and Sizemore Oline. I also have heard a surprise name that maybe added to the staff on the defensive side of the ball. Also heard the kids like the new coach, so it looks like it has been a good transition.
  4. He has looked into every job that has been open. He must really want out of Central.
  5. Yes, he will be introduced tomorrow as the new head coach.
  6. According to FCPS website Henry Clay is looking for a head football coach.
  7. But no one knows if the committee went one way and the principal another. Because they are not saying anything. But I agree it makes you wonder if they know anything.
  8. The principal is a football guy. From Georgia, played and coached in Georgia before coming to Kentucky.
  9. Ryan Sizemore is going to be the new coach, and it will not be announced until after the boys Region Tournament which is at Montgomery County. This way it does not take away from the basketball team.
  10. It was down to three coaches, and I heard they were interviewing last week, so I wonder what the hold up is. I know they host the region tournament, so I bet if they don't announce today, they probably will not until next week.
  11. I think so, for the most part.
  12. I heard they had not even done interviews yet. Guess I was told wrong, HaHa.
  13. So if moving to district 6, does that put them in with Belfry?
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