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  1. Could be some of all of that. Could be they don’t mesh with new regime.... it happens. And, like you said, it opens opportunity for another kid.
  2. A few from time to time, but definitely more now.
  3. Heard some impactful players have quit also.
  4. Weinrich wasn’t complacent. He coached at HHS for the love of coaching and the history of his grandparents at the school & football program. He had multiple offers through his 25 years at HHS to go other places making more money than what HHS was and IS paying. He has never made coaching about his stipend.
  5. Male & HHS scrimmaged in 2019 & was cancelled for 2020 (obviously). It was a good scrimmage. Glad to see it stayed on the schedule.
  6. Middle school PE job is supposedly for the son. Some type of office job was created for BS.
  7. I read it the same way you did. And why shouldn’t we have read it that way.....they have said & have implied for 7 years the old coach was incompetent.
  8. Yep!! Especially those players who were/are very upset about their previous coaches being let go!
  9. Why were those knocks against Weinrich? It was administration who made the decision for him to stay teaching in Middle School and supervise the cafeteria at the High School. Then the cafeteria duty was removed a couple years ago so another class in middle school could be added to his schedule.
  10. Just a thought, but maybe Coach James did ask those questions and things didn’t work out as indicated.
  11. I’m the same as you; waiting for it to be released.
  12. I was told the schedule is being changed by the AD. He dropped Boyle Co. Maybe adding McNicholas to a 1 yr deal, which messes with a 2 yr cycle. Haven’t heard if he kept Bowling Green on the schedule. Things change, so we won’t know for sure until released though.
  13. Confused.... the next year (2013), the offense was ran by Mueller. Who was the 18yr old? When did JOAT coach defense?
  14. Not unnecessary pressure because it’s what every player, every coach in every sport does every day.
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