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  1. You are correct. I was speaking for Highlands only. Sorry to cause confusion regarding other schools.
  2. Schedules are based on contracts set 1-2 years out, so the early scheduling happens VERY early. Scheduling occurring now is for 2021-2022 season, NOT 2020 season. 2020 season games are the same as 2019 season games just flipping home/away with the exception of the Bowl game at Corbin. It will be at Corbin with different opponent decided by the host. The Scrimmages can change year to year, so that may be the inquiries for 2020. But, inquiries would not be for 2020 games! The players are fully aware of who they are playing because they played them in 2019. Coach Weinrich and the administration are fully aware of the requirements set by the KHSAA on when to formally post the upcoming schedule and roster, as well as, how to budget for the season.
  3. It gets to the point that enough is enough. 24 pages of bashing. Schedule a meeting with him and his boss which I’m sure none of you have ever approached him with your concerns or ever will. I would think as loyal, passionate alumni you would want to get the facts straight from the coach. But, meeting with him and being told the true facts wont be as fun as the gossip, I’m sure. If you have discussed your concerns directly with him, then I apologize. For the record, unless you’re in the locker room, on the field, on the sideline, in the coach’s office, in the film sessions, interacting with players’ teachers etc, you have no idea what truly happens or what goes into every decision! I was talking with a parent of a current player who was raving about Coach Weinrich (not BW) and how much their son loves him & how hard the workouts are going. I guess in the end, there are many kids who want to play football and are playing. I’m sure one of you will say it’s because they have to play, but seriously, 80 kids have to play? No, it’s because they want to play! And, I was talking with someone today who confirmed that he is involved with the Jr league. He was at their most recent board meeting because he was asked to attend to give his thoughts on a few items, he has met with their coaches, participated in their safety training, invites the middle school team to have dinner & pre game with the high school team, attends games as his schedules allows, and provides access to their staff for clinics.
  4. All coaches were spoken about at the banquet, so there were players who were willing to talk about every coach. The speeches were fun, serious & appreciative. Some speeches brought tears to my eyes because you could feel the connection between the player/coach. It’s ok if some players didn’t want to speak. Not all students like all teachers, not all employees like all employers. It’s life. There are many players on the roster (returning & new) showing up for winter workouts. Even another soccer player is showing up to potentially play both sports in 2020 like the one player from 2019 season.
  5. Multiple coaches contacted the Hergotts over the months of the rumors and each time they were told it was untrue. Not much any person can do, in any situation, in any profession when being told something is not true.
  6. The Head Coach put the players first and requested to play in the 4A class while still scheduling games with Cov Cath, Campbell, (local NKY schools) etc. But, he was overruled by the Board Office.
  7. I think many are missing the entire point of his quote. He is praising his players for taking a difficult loss and doing what real men do by working hard, showing up the next day to learn, improve, and fix while not getting distracted by the social media world we all live in today. His post is not saying he is getting harassed/bullied. He is not talking about anyone in the public. He is not distracted. His quote is not about him. He is PRAISING his players while providing some life advice. Great job, Coach Weinrich!
  8. You mean 3 of them were QB's. Hoge never took a snap under Mueller! He was a WR.
  9. Funny how we all forget the years that FTIS closed open enrollment! The seniors were in kindergarten that year! Think maybe that's the reason all the seniors went to FT elementary schools??? 🤔
  10. I can not express how relieved I am to see this update. Highlands football and it's family (The Weinrich family) are most of the reason I still believe in this community and school. They are reason that there is still good in this program. Brian isn't concerned with your last or how good your dad was when he played. He is concerned about the boy standing in front of him and how he can help him become the best player and young man he can be. I am proud to say my son has been learning from him since he was a little boy.
  11. I'm going to have to put on my Highlands gear and and make my way across alligator alley, to cheer on the Explorers!
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