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  1. Madison is the real deal. Made the 12th Region All Tournament team as a Freshman and had a great summer and fall season with KY Softball Club. Her and Katy Chadwell will be one of the top batteries in the 12th region.
  2. First down Boyle at the Bell 13. They are taking a knee.
  3. Touchdown Bell. 25-21. botched extra point. 4 minutes left.
  4. 22 yard field goal for Boyle. 25-15 Boyle. 7 minutes left
  5. 22-15 Boyle. 8:50 in the forth. Boyle has the ball on Bells 19.
  6. I am also hearing the game will be played at Centre.
  7. Jimmy Rice will also be a coach. He holds the record for the most wins at Boyle.
  8. I listened to the game on 105.1 and at one point in the second quarter, Boyle ran only 6 plays with 4 touchdowns.
  9. Liggins chose not to go in the game around the 12 minute mark in the 2nd half. If I remember right, thats when K State started to erase a 17 point lead. I'm sure the team was effected by this. This can't EVER happen again.
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