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  1. Harlan County beat Knox tonight by at least 20. I know south has always had a good program. I think the 13th Region will be tough in the years to come.
  2. WOW is all you can say. Our Bears just keep diggin deep and winning. Great District win. :dancingpa Now let's get ready for Clay County. GO BEARS!!!!:ylsuper:
  3. That was a great post Mama Bear. Good luck to all the Larkeys and GO BLACK BEARS. :banana::banana: This should be a great game.
  4. The Pig Roast was a great time again this year. Good fellowship with our Black Bear family. Thanks to all who helped and all who ate. Your support is much appreciated. GO BEARS!!!! CANNOT WAIT!!!
  5. I've tried but cannot get results about individual camps and locations
  6. Where do I find info on when and where camps are held?
  7. Agreed there are no real winners in scrimmages and I'm sure both teams were using different players in different positions throughout the "scrimmage". If score had of been kept, HC would have won. K? I think our Baseball Black Bears will be competitive in the district. Isn't that what we all wish for our teams? We do LOVE THOSE BEARS!!!
  8. As nice as our school and gym are, I'm sure there will be no cutting corners when we get our outside facilities.
  9. We don't have our new fields yet, but hope to soon (at least by next year). We scrimmaged Perry Central last night and looked pretty good. Of course everybody played and they were switching around but overall I think our Baseball Black Bears are going to do well. We did win against a good Perry Central team. They have some good size boys too.
  10. :banana:Ready for some Black Bear Baseball:banana:
  11. CONGRATS COACH LARKEY I know he will do a great job. My son was happy for him but sad that he wouldn't be back with the Black Bears. NL got a winner.
  12. Mama Bear, I thought the same thing when I read the Harlan Daily Saturday. He should have invited us to his pity party. :dancingpaGO BEARS:dancingpa Now on the Wayne County.
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