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  1. Man get off those kids back. It is hard to go up there and win them all you have to Have things go your way and a lot of luck. Getting there is a great thing. So be happy for the kids.
  2. That kid is good and seemed to be a good youngman also.
  3. Man that was a crazy game. Both teams played their butts off. Just when you thought one team had it the other would do something to get back in it. Shelby had a golden chance to end it one time a Anderson pulled off a trick pick off that work and took the momentum with them to the dugout. Then Anderson scores 2 in the top of the 11th. Man that could have been it but Shelby then finds a way to get it done. Awesome job!!!!
  4. That was a great game. Not to take nothing away from Riddle but if Gott hadden started cramping up and could have went the distance this may have been a different outcome. But that is the way the ball bounces. I drove over 100 miles to watch that game after my son game was over and was not disappointed by no means. After seeing all the big name pitchers in the state I would say Riddle has to be on top.
  5. Sound like somebody is losing playing time.
  6. After tomorrow it should be Shelby vs North Oldham and Oldham vs Anderson County. After that it will come down to pitching and key hits.
  7. Shelby beats Anderson in a great game. John Hunter hits a walk off 2 run Homer.
  8. So was all the runs that were scored unearned? Still doesn't matter they only had 1 hit. Gott must have pitched a awesome game.
  9. JT Riddle is by far the best pitcher that I have seen so far this year.
  10. If the pitcher doesn't clear the rubber I would say a balk. You also can fake a throw to first as long as you are not in contact with the rubber.
  11. here is one to look at. http://www.ballcharts.com/teams/index.php?team=SCHS
  12. Tates Creek Tates Creek "officially" beats St. Xavier 6 to 5 today. Gott had the start for TC, Loehnert for X. Tates Creek jumped out 6 to 0 in the 1st. Then X scored 1 in the 4th on Gott. Then Gott went out the next and X added 2 more. TC re-entered Gott and X added 2 more to make it 6 to 5. It was still 6 to 5 in the 7th when Matt Spalding drove in the tying run with 2 outs... Then lightning struck and they called it. The rule is that it is the score from the last completed inning so St. X comes up short even though they had 2 runners on after they tied it up in the 7th.
  13. CovCath is a top notch team and hate to hear about the alarm at 4 in the morning. Shelby has played good this year just coming up on the short side of the game but played really good this weekend. Hope the boys see how good they can be and carry it foward. As far as the oldguy I wish i would have come over and talk with you. I love to read your post on here and it is great to see people love this game of baseball so much.
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