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  1. I would take him back at Greenup any day!!
  2. I agree with you Duck but why don't the parents go to the athletic director and say something? Don't really know the new athletic director but I watched him walk out with about 5 minutes to go against Ashland. He should have walked over and fired the coach after the game was over. Everybody I have talked to not all from Greenup say that he should be let go. They have watched him coach or I mean set on the bench and the team is not prepared at all.
  3. Alot of views on this post but no replies? In the last 5 years the coaching has been better but some people wanted them gone way before this point. Why is this year any different? Too much talent on the court to be getting beat the way they are. Really love going to watch the Musketeers play win or lose but it has been hard this year!!
  4. What is wrong with the Musketeers this year?
  5. Yeah Ward is older but their was no complaints in Greenup when we was winning the district and was contenders to win the Region almost every year. I say bring him back!!!
  6. I agree their were missed call on both ends of the floor. The half court shot before half time was an easy call and they missed it!! I figure one or more of the stripes that officiated this game will be one of the three in the final game Thursday. From what I seen last night they might need to start them back in the middle school level. Coach Fraley's comments on the radio after the ball game could come back to bite him Thursday night.:eek:
  7. I don't think it is personal. I have watched almost all of the games this year and he has a good 3 point shot but it is slow to develop. Plus I think he is a liability on the defensive end of the court.
  8. Is the Greenup vs Fairview game still on for tonight?
  9. Last night it looked like poor conditioning and no will to play at all. They was sloppy on both ends of the floor.
  10. Way below their level. If you was at the game last night and was routing for Greenup you walked out after the game very disappointed!!!
  11. Greenup boys looked like they didn't even want to be on the floor playing last night. I don't know what was wrong with them but I would run it out of them tonight!!
  12. Marla would be my pick for the best out of this region. For the rest of them I wouldn't let them ref a pee wee game!!!
  13. Consistent is the issue here. If one team fouls more than they should have more fouls no brainer. But if the officials call something tight on one end and then let them have their way on the other with out blowing a whistle brings the fans into hollering.
  14. Prater could very well take the point job. He just has to slow down a bit and get control of himself. A bunch of times this year he was just going to fast and out of control. I think if he settles down a little he could be a big threat at the point next year!!! Already a heck of a defensive threat.:ylsuper:
  15. I agree they was the best inside threat in the region. But next year we will have two of the three back along with Dustin Lithicum. I believe that Tackett will be a pretty good shooting guard for Greenup next year. The only worry will be the point guard position. Rumor mill has it that a certain guard from Raceland is moving back to Greenup next year.:idunno:
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