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  1. I am serious. And don't call me Shirley... Sorry. Had to do it
  2. I grew up in Ron Reed summer camps and I have tons of respect for him...I wish him nothing but the best and know he will give nothing short of 110% in this job. Good Luck Coach!
  3. Nice work. I hope, above all else, that we can get Wall. He is a phenomenal talent who could bring programs to that next level, especially with the talent we should have on board. I just personally don't believe, from what I've read, we are going to. But I'll take you for your word and keep the faith. Richmond would be a welcome addition to the Nation!
  4. Coupon, could you tell Mr. Dunn to expand the strike zone with 2 strikes. Cutting down on K's would make him look a whole lot better in my humble opinion. He could be a fantastic player if his batting average was around .270-.285 range. Then I would embrace him much more. As long as he flounders around the .240-.260 mark, as he tends to do, I will not be a fan.
  5. I have been arguing, in the comfortable realm of close friends, that we should've gotten rid of Dunn for at least 2 years now. He has a great eye, he hits for power...to quote Matt Foley (aka the late Chris Farley)- "Whoopti Freakin Doo!". In The Great American "Small"park, who couldn't hit with some pop?? He doesn't lead on a young team. He is lazy. He could give ManRam a run for the worst defensive left fielder in baseball, IMO. The time has come to restructure the landscape in the Queen City and I believe it starts with Dunn, although it most certainly shouldn't end there.
  6. From all I can gather, this is correct. I don't think we have a shot at Wall. I am not saying that is the case, just MO. Does anyone know if he is possibly a Wes guy? If saying that is against the rules (?), I am sorry and do not reply to that.
  7. This year maybe another long one in Devil land. There is hope that some new players will come out in the new Kidwell era, but ofcourse, it's wait and see. I predict a more productive season than last, but this is still not a team that will compete for anything major, IMO. They will be well coached, though. Kidwell is a smart basketball guy who will get everything out of his guys, and young asst. coach Joe Bryan is a very savvy basketball mind. They've got good leadership no matter what.
  8. How will Raceland-Russell game turn out this year? Predictions anyone? It's never too early to start
  9. That's a gutsy prediction isn't it? Just a question, but who will be the RB taking snaps...or what everyone else calls a QB?
  10. Yes, she is a good kid and I hope she can make it this year without any setbacks. It's awful to see such a good player/person have so much trouble physically.
  11. From what I have heard...and this is purely speculation...Russell is very high on Hughes and love her resume'...not sayin there are favorites...but I know she is up on the list. Bryan is not a contender for the job. He will be coaching with Kidwell.
  12. I can name a lot more teams who were talented and failed than I could talent-less teams who did great things. Coach Kidwell is a good coach who knows a great deal about basketball. The Russell girls were lucky to have him and it has showed.
  13. I read that as well Brotha...guy is very credible as well...I'm excited! This kid reportedly has played with older talent for a long time and has held his own...projected to be a top-10 guy in his class....but he has 5 years to figured this out...thats a long time...good sign for us that BCG may want to hang around though?
  14. Sidenote-They took a guy who wasn't even in the NFL's player database (Hayes)...ahead of Hawkins. They must be very sneaky in Tennessee...
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