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Bluegrass Regional Contest Week #7(Results)


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Here are the results for this contest. As always, the results won't be final for 24 hours. All contestants should use that time to check their score for errors. After that time period has passed, the contest is final and the winner should use the following link to claim the prize of choice. If you think your score is incorrect, please send me a PM and I will look into your claim.


Click here to claim your prize




Game results:

Henry Clay 83 Lafayette 66

Southwestern 80 Wayne County 55

Perry County Central 73 Clay County 55

Knox Central 46 Jackson County 44

South Laurel 49 Williamsburg 46


The second tiebreaker was needed this week.


The winner is................




PurplePride92 18 Southwestern post #1

16thBBall Fan 18 Perry County Central

mooremiller31 18 Perry County Central

NKYThreeFer 18 Southwestern

fleadawn012 18 Southwestern

NEERFAN 18 Southwestern

gold sunrise 17

madman 17

The Professor 17

mcpapa 17

zebraman 16









Season Long Contest Standings:




mooremiller31 111

PurplePride92 104

NKYThreeFer 102

mcpapa 100

fleadawn012 99



madman 95

16thBBall Fan 94

gold sunrise 88

BIG J 81

The Professor 74


zebraman 33

Qryche11 16

AficionadoDesports 16

Randy Parker 15

ekubum 15

mpspencer63 13

bluenation12 13

Redsfan13 13

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Hey NWO, Knox Central plays Jackson County tonight according to the KHSAA scoreboard. It says they beat Leslie County on Thursday 65-48 and that they play Jackson County tonight. The extent of my knowledge is the KHSAA scoreboard. I can't confirm it other than that. Thought I'd make you aware.

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