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Well Hats off to Somerset, for the most part I thought Danville's defense played well, its hard to hold a good offense out of the endzone when you fumble 4 or 5 times and then can't move the ball when you can hold on to it. Somersets defense just dominated Danville's offensive line. It sounds like Somerset took the same approach Rockcastle Co. did two weeks ago by crowding the line of scrimmage and was also able to shut down Danville's passing game. I know Coach Harp is trying to develope some guys on the O-line, but I think it would have been better tonight to let your best lineman play, even if they had to go both ways. The best thing Danville can do with this game is flush and get ready for next week against South Western.:eyeonyou::irked::p:confused::popcorn::banana::thumb::D:taz::madman::cool:

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