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McCreary Central @ Southwestern (1/9) Predictions

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The (8-5) Raiders travel to the Wigwam to take on the Warriors, who stand with seven wins and five losses.


It's early, but these teams appear to be fighting for the second seed in the district tournament. Wayne nearly has the top seed locked up and will likely face Monticello when the tournament convenes. For the second consecutive year, it looks like this will be the district matchup.


The Warriors don't score as much as the Raiders, but from scores, their defense looks stout. I think McCreary is the better team, talent wise, but McCreary just doesn't play with composure.


This will be a tight one.


If Raiders don't play with composure, Southwestern by a bucket!

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I could use some help. I really need a roster for the McCreary Boys basketball team. I have an incomplete listing with most names and numbers but I am in desperate need of a complete roster for our broadcast on Friday.

I do appreciate any help. Thanks!

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