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Cats Pause Yearbook - 14th Region


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Just got a copy today - should be on the racks by the weekend.



1) Hazard

2) Knot Central

3) Perry Central

4) Letcher Central

5) Lee County

6) Breathitt County

7) June Buchanan

8) Estill County

9) Buckhorn

10) Powell County



1) Josh Whitaker - Hazard

2) Tate Cox - Knott

3) Stuart Stamper - Knott

4) Charlie Banks - Letcher Central

5) Aaron Charles - Lee

6) Chris Noble - Perry Central

7) Mike Campbell - Hazard

8) Garrison Collins - June Buchanan

9) Tristin Cackling - Estill

10) Justin Jones - Hazard

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Hazard is the favorite. The bad thing for Knott or Letcher is that they will have to beat both Hazard and Perry Central to win it because Hazard and Perry will be on opposite sides of the bracket in the region. Therefore, I am going with Hazard to repeat with Knott being a close second.

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Hazard is my favorite to win the 14th. Whitaker and Campbell are players.


I'm really looking forward to seeing just how good Hazard is when they travel to Holmes Sat. Feb 7th. IMO that will be a true test as to where they stand among the state's best right before tourney time.

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Without Campbell, Hazard will be right there fighting it out with Perry, Knott, Letcher and Estill! Will not be as easy for them as everyone thinks. Should be a pretty even top 5 schools in the Region! Can't wait to get it started. Good luck to all.


I heard Campbell is not playing basketball this year, can you confirm that? If he is not, it's not going to hurt them as bad as people will think. Hazard has two very good big men behind him in Allen Fugate and Rob Warren. There's no doubt about it though, he is there leader and gets that team going.

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