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America's Got Talent Finals


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You don't like Nuttin But Stringz?


I think they are amazing. :dancingpa


They're good, but they are BY FAR not the best violinists that I have ever seen.


If the point of this competition is to put an act in Vegas that people will want to pay money to go watch, I just can't see Nuttin But Stringz entertaining anyone for more than 10 minutes.

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I disagree.



3rd Place= Nuttin But Stringz


Wow..I am shocked I really thought they would have won! :madman::fight::irked: Man that makes me mad.


I'm glad the rest of America agreed with me. :D



I think this secures the win for Eli. He's far better than Neil E. Boyd.


But I thought for sure Neil would be gone by now.

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Nuttin But Stringz concert would be amazing to watch. I played viola in high school and they could play for hours.


I don't doubt that they could play for hours, but I just don't see people wanting to watch them in a full show that only featured them. I think it would just get boring and repetitive after a while.



It's kind of like the Blues Traveller concert I went to. John Popper is absolutely amazing on the harmonica, but halfway through the concert we were just like "jeez, quit with all the harmonica solos." He was amazing, but it just gets old after about 30 minutes.


I think the same would happen with Nuttin' But Stringz.

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