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Boone County/Beechwood Updates

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The game will begin here in a few.


What I'll do for this game is just give the score for each half inning then after the game is over, I'll post the boxscore with the play-by-play.



One note:


Beechwood is starting Nathan Snyder on the mound instead of Elliott.

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The game goes scoreless until the bottom of the third when Boone gets a run on a fielders choice to tie he game then Correy Farris hits an opposite field homerun just underneath the scoreboard.


After three complete, Boone County leads 4-2.


Oh and one side note...both teams are not throwing their number one pitchers.

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K. Williams and L. Sciamanna BOTH score on a L. Faehr sacrifice fly. It was very weird play but awesome to see Sciamanna run hard the entire way....the entire fielder basically fell when he was spinning to make the throw....it was an over-the-shoulder catch.


After four complete innings, it's a brand new ballgame that is tied 6-6.

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