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Open Job: Bullitt East

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5 hours ago, Hatz said:

Do we have any knowledge who the applicants are?  

I think this is a better program and opportunity than people realize.  Saddled in 6A?  Yes.  But competitive with anyone not named Trinity, St X or Male.  Who knows what the future holds?  

And with six classes, everybody has their big 3-4. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the same handful of people are in the mix in every class and I’m not sure that gap is ever going to get closer- if anything, wider.  

All anybody can ask for is support from admin, community to be the best it can be to give yourself the chance at being the best you can be.  

I don’t know of any head coaches ever looking for jobs that have that in place where they are.  It usually isn’t a lot they are asking for, but instead basic necessities in this day and age. 

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