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Highlands 59 Campbell County 54

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Well here is how I saw it.  The Birds came out hot and cruised to an early 1st quarter lead of 18-4.  Then the bottom fell out for the Birds, they couldn't do anything right.  It was foul after phantom foul after walk after walk, missed shots left and right....nothing could go right in the 2nd quarter for the Birds.  Then on the other end the Camels were hitting shot after shot.  The Camels outscored the Birds 23-5 in the 2nd quarter.  I think the Camels went 18 straight points before the Birds eventually scored in that stanza.

That brought the Halftime score with Camels up 27-24.

3rd quarter the Birds finally righted the ship taking control and finally getting some fouls called their way and played really good defense. After 3, Birds regained the lead 40-37.

4th quarter was a pretty even match but the Birds made more shots and got more stops.  It finally was in this quarter where Barth finally got some buckets, he was held to a season low I want to say with maybe 4 or 5pts.  I think he was one of the players that battled the flu bug last week prior to the St. Henry game and just hasn't looked right since.....I am sure he will rebound he is way to good of a player to stay quiet from the scoring for long.

Will Herald was the scoring leader for the Birds with 20.  Was nice to get another "quality" win in NKY against a very vocal Camels Student Section.

I am glad we beat @10thRegionballislifeexpectation who thought the Camels were going to come away with a win in this matchup.

Like I stated in the other thread the Birds are still looking for that complete 4 quarter game.  You take the 2nd quarter out of this game Highlands outscored Campbell County 54-31......got to fix that 1 quarter flaw......

Go BIRDS!!! 

Next up at Home Friday versus Holmes who just got trounced on Fri (Dec 10th) by Dixie 76-45.


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