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On 4/23/2021 at 7:42 PM, Pi said:

They’ve found jobs for the last two basketball coaches. But haven’t managed to find a job for a coach who wants to be there and wants to coach football.

The proof is in the pudding at Bracken County High School.

My mother in law was an administrator in a small school district up until she retired recently. There's a lot of horse trading when it comes to "finding jobs" for coaches. Sometimes things work out with budgets to be able to add a position - like an intervention specialist, which doesn't require a specific area of education certification like math or English or science does. Coach Carver was working as an intervention specialist, and apparently they don't have the money to keep that added spot on for next year. That happens. Other times, "finding a job" is a matter of being able to move people around a little if the specific certifications of in-house staff allows for some horse trading so they can make room for a position that utilizes the new coach's certifications. Sounds like that isn't the case with Coach Carver. The school district's website currently has a listing for a math teacher in the high school, it but I'd have to assume things aren't "shift-able" to make that work out...which is a shame.

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On 4/23/2021 at 2:01 PM, brooksville said:

2021 Schedule

Aug 21 at Jenkins
Aug 27 at Lewis County
Sep 5 vs. Caverna
Sep 10 vs. Trimble County
Sep 17 at Frankfort
Sep 24 vs. Dayton
Oct 1 vs. Paris (District)
Oct 8 vs. Bishop Brossart (District)
Oct 15 - OPEN
Oct 22 at Nicholas County (District)
Oct 29 - OPEN

I see three wins for them: Jenkins, Trimble County, and Paris.



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