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45th District Senior graduate losses

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Okay this quarantine deal is getting old so lets discuss 45th district team loses to graduation. Undoubtedly this was a good group of senior players that all played pivotal roles to help their teams this past year. Danville and their run in the region with their leaders Bell and Dawson was exciting and boosted confidence for the younger Ads no doubt. All teams are losing important pieces of the puzzle for the coming year. In your opinion which team does it affect the most? Although all teams are losing vital pieces, Lincoln will miss the 6'8" Bodner and Garrard will suffer offensively without Sebastian. Replacing players with size and that type skill will be an arduous task. Lets hope COVID deal is gone for the start of the 2020-2021 season. It will be interesting to see how these teams respond and who will step up to fill leadership roles for these teams.


According to KHSAA Riherds rosters:


Danville lost Darian Bell, Trey Dawson, Damien Givens-Ford, Nicholas Price-Hancock & Cory Zeznanski


Lincoln lost Riley Bodner, Bryston Alcorn, Elijiah Frye & Preston Durham


Boyle Co lost Karson Thompson, Grant Hotchkiss & Gentry Brummett


Garrard lost Brayden Sebastian, Noah Allen, Bryce Sulla & Trevor Holman


KSD lost Jager Alfred, John Collins & Jordan Dorn


DCA lost Luke Caldwell & Breaden Bisher

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Frye was as athletic player as I have seen. District match ups next year could be some shootouts. Without size it will be interesting to see how our district will compete with Region teams like Somerset & Pulaski. Those teams always seem to have good size.

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