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Late 60's: Lafayette HS, the Rose Bowl, & the young coach that could stop OJ


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In going through my Dad's stuff, I have been very pleased to find some great things that remind me of him. Here are the 3 team pictures from his years at Lafayette in Lexington, KY- 1966, 1967 & 1968. He was an assistant for the Generals.


One of my favorite stories on my Dad comes from this time. They were sitting in the coaches office in December of 1968. My Dad, being that young assistant football coach that has all the answers, proclaims that HE knows how to STOP O.J. Simpson. USC & Ohio State are getting ready to play in the 1969 Rose Bowl.


The other coaches on staff tell my Dad that he is nuts. He gets more wound up. He gets so fired up he CALLS the Ohio State Football Office. He tells someone on staff that he KNOWS when the Trojans will run Student Body Right. He tells them the left Tackle & Guard will back up in their stance / alignment, tipping off the play (Bill Belichick would be proud!) The coach he speaks to on the phone assures my Dad that they have seen that on film (16 mm in those days) and they are ready for it.


OJ had a big day for the Trojans in that Rose Bowl, but the Buckeyes won the game.


I love that story because I have enjoyed hearing over the years my young assistants have all the answers. I am glad they are like that and I enjoy the confidence and enthusiasm those guys bring to a staff. It is fun for me to have a mental picture of my Dad when he was that young assistant coach who was going to turn the football world upside down.


I loved New Year's Day and watching the Bowl games with my Dad. I hope there are many fathers and sons enjoying that today. Happy New Year and have a great 2016.



1966 Generals. My Dad is the first person on the back row from the left.



1967 Generals. My Dad is the 2nd coach from the right in the back row.


I could not get the 1968 team picture to upload. I was 3 and I remember that picture day. You can see it at this link:

BlackShoes&WhiteShoeStrings: Late 60's: Lafayette HS Football; 1969 Rose Bowl- OJ Simpson, Ohio State & the young coach with all the answers!

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