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Simon Kenton 5 Walton-Verona 0

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WV played well the first half and kept SK at a 1-0 lead. Leffler, Moran and Lawson all had chances. SK controlled the game much better than WV. They had the majority of possession the second half whereas the first half was pretty even. WV defense seems to be main problem for the team. They're unable to stop the ball to even get it up to their offense. WV only gets a few good chances a game and are unable to capitalize. Bryce o'hara seemed to be the best player for sk, but sk's central mid fielder (tall guy don't know his name) really helped set the pace for Simon Kenton. Martin for WV seemed to be the entire midfield. He had very few options besides Moran and leffler which made it tough for the team to keep any possession


If Walton Verona can figure out their defense and offensive possession, they can give sk another game at districts.

Welcome to BGP, kysoccer!

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Have always said......if the ref is in th correct position, and is consistent, there is no room to say anything.......but if the CR is not keeping up with play, or the AR is not even with the last defender or can't make it to the back line to see if it goes in or out.....then there is an issue.


Did you notice that I am actually now using the correct terminology ? AR and CR.

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