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If You Were a Professional Wrestler, What Would Be Your ...

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Character name, your gimmick , your entrace music and your finishing move?


I would probably be a heel something like Lanny Poffo's "The Genius," or possibly "The Professor." Come out in cap and gown talking down to all the rednecks and peasants.


My finishing move might be "The Final Exam."


I would probably come out to Thomas Dolby's "She Blinded Me With Science" with a Lana look-a-like dressed like a school girl by my side.

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Mine would be "The Boss" and my final move would be "The Termination" (basically a DDT). Another signature move would be the "Mandatory Overtime" (a modified Lex Luger Tourture Rack).


Everybody would have to do "Mandatory Overtime" before they got "Terminated" by the Boss.


Would carry my Title Belt in a Briefcase.


Entry Music would be Taking Care of Business

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I'd be "The Preacher" some kind of religious song. I would hit people over the head with my bible when the referee wasn't watching.



Or a televangelist in the mold of "Brother Love"(remember him). I like the Bible gimmick. Catch the referee turned the other way and whack the old professor over the head with it. Hey, I think we have a match for the next PPV. :)


Using a similar gimmick , maybe G and I could be the "Masked Agnostics " squaring off with "The Bible Thumpers." As one of the Thumpers goes for the 'Holy Trinity' on G , I distract him by ripping pages out of the Bible and G rolls him into the Triple Six Leg Lock for the victory.

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