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Ryle 5 Highlands 1


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Ryle is a good team and are playing good under their new coach!


The new jerseys it is all part of the new era of softball at Highlands under Coach Coffey which will be opening the new field "The Birdcage" at Winkler Park sometime soon! Hopefully if the weather helps just a little! Unfortunately, I think the plan was to unveil the new jerseys at Winkler Park grand opening, but old man winter had something to say about that.


I don't think the new jerseys were meant to take anything away from the traditionalists or the teams of the past just adding a little flare with the titanium grey jersey which are made from a different kind of material, and IMO The new Jerseys look great which makes the blue really pop. I don't know coach Coffeys fashion background but My DD is a senior at HHS and she loves how the New Titanium Grey Jersey looks and feels!

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