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  1. Looks to be a great hire. Outside hire that won’t be influenced by the “buddy” system. Can’t wait to meet this gentleman! Go Birds.
  2. Just got word the the pick is in. Highlands will be announcing a new AD in the very near future. From what I've gathered from conversations, now albeit 6' away and with masks on, so maybe my info isn't all that accurate, but approx. 50+ applied for the opening. Whoever accepts the position will need to be ready to get it cranking with things starting to open back up. We will wait and see!
  3. With MJ and all the others on this my friend.
  4. Sorry to disappoint you my friend! But everything has been said. Unhappy fan base Incompetent administration Same schedule One coach removed The rest....status quo Can’t wait for next year! Go Birds!!!
  5. So others have released their 2020 schedules. This means Highlands already knows their schedule but not releasing it just yet. What’s going on? Why hasn’t this been posted?
  6. Just get out of the way. Nothing you can do! Highlands plays CovCath in basketball on sat.
  7. Wait! I was under the impression Coach Deaton called the offense before Umberg. Maybe I’m wrong.
  8. A very sobering reminder. This for you SB!!! Highlands Bluebirds - Background
  9. Maybe after the Carlisle family builds the $5mil dollar football facility they will build or completely rehab the basketball facility.
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