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  1. Sam's done it all year and when it came time to step up his game even more, he did it. Would be a shame if he doesn't win it. Go Birds!
  2. Said the exact thing to my brother who was there. Guess that’s what you do. Stay with WhT got you there. Great job Birds!
  3. Oh, we all know CCH will be loaded next year. That's why most people are saying Birds may keep it close this year but in the years to come, its going to be a coin flip. CCH isn't changing their ways, but Highlands is.
  4. Someone mentioned the Benke kid at TE. I understand he is tall and has great hands and athletic. If Noon is QB, will we continue to see quality talented kids stand on sidelines because they are a back up to a position or get on the field? I'm guessing Coach Sphire will have all kids that can contribute immediately playing. Maybe Benke gets the QB position and Noon becomes a play maker somewhere. Who knows. A lot to sort out for new coach.
  5. Add Male to the schedule. Scrimmage on Aug 6 per Male. And while we’re at it, Male is the “winningest program in Ky”. Lets get to work on that boys!!!
  6. Just like that, the “golden rule” is broken. Lol! Agree with the other poster as to there will be parents upset with the new Coach! There are going to have to be position changes that are best for not only the player but the team. And that is what comes first if you want to reach the top. That’s exactly what happened when “the run of championships” started. Kids sacrificed for the team. I am confident these kids will do the same and hopefully their parents accept it.
  7. I was told by someone a little bit ago that Coach Sphire has a lot left in the tank. Confident he knows what he’s talking about. Just sayin!
  8. If this doesn’t get you excited in Ft Thomas as a fan better yet a player, you need to do a little research on Coach Sphire. He is legit. Just sayin! Beat Colonels!! oh, how bout ya BigE
  9. Oh no, the storm is brewing. And when it hits, Birds will be back!!! Just sayin!
  10. Wow!!! All this because of an email campaign started 2/3 years ago by a parent so his kid could start. And from what I'm hearing, he's at it again. If true what a joke!!!
  11. Yeah I think we are looking around 2/15/21ish +/- . Have no info but just my opinion
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