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  1. I was looking at each teams schedule and it seems that Morgan has as good a shot as any at the title. Morgan Played Rowan into overtime @ Rowan before losing by one point 55-54, and only lost to Ashland by six 52-46. Morgan seems to have learned how to scrap to the last buzzer. I know some will say throw regular season records out the window during tournament time, but if that be the case then all teams are at square one and the door is wide open for any one of the four. Good Luck to the Rams, Vikings, Tomcats, and the Mighty fighting Cougars!!! To say that Morgan beating Rowan woul
  2. I just heard the games were canceled for tonight and rescheduled for tomorrow night.
  3. Would be nice if Caracter can stay out of foul trouble till mid-way through the second half giving Padgett opportunities to rest. Also if williams can get rolling early and they can apply good defensive pressure it may put G-Town on their heels enough to make a couple of 10-2, 8-0 scoring runs for U of L. I pick the cards 85-73 only by that much because of fouls shots in the last minute. Definitely closer game than what the final score will show.
  4. I think that will drop in there real close. U of L has really become the defensive team that Pitino has been known to have in the past and they distribute the ball on offense as well as anybody I've seen. They also are not affraid to fire up the 3's and if they hit a couple early this may set the tempo for the most intensive defensive showing that the Cards have had all season.
  5. Morgan played them tough @Rowan Co losing by 1 in overtime I believe? Both teams have developed their games since then. No one wins by more than 5. But I pick the Lady cougars by 3! maybe in the 48-45 range?
  6. I'm not degrading Elliott, East, or West. When the ball is tossed in the air and the final horn sounds we will then know who will respond to the preseason hype, pressure, or low expectations. I believe Morgan will surprise anyone who takes them litely. Coach Perry will have them ready come regular season tip-off. If anything I think the 62nd district will be a tough call till time to tip-off the regionals.
  7. I did not take the time to go see the cougars play this year but listened to the game yesterday evening from about the 4th inning on. It was unbelievable at the way that these young men would compete. Even down to the last out anyone listening or watching was expecting another base hit that would tie the game and send it to one more inning. It is a shame that someone had to lose, but it was a well earned win for the Lions and a tough loss for the Cougars. Yet each team can hold their heads high knowing that they gave the best effort they could give. I am proud of both teams. Congrats to the
  8. Congratulations Elliott County. Good luck at Rupp.
  9. I was impressed with the way the cougars played Elliott, they just coudn't get the ball to drop for them in that game. Sounds like they got it going through the hoop on this one. Congrats to the cougars on a good solid win.
  10. This one will be one of the best games of the tourney, I think it will be too close to call, but I will take Elliott by 3 in a down to the wire nail biter.
  11. Morgan by 5 in a back and forth barn burner. No matter what kind of seasons these two are having they always have a very competitive game.
  12. Sounds like the Cougars are starting to build some confidence on the offensive side of the ball, Nets. I agree, by the time the district tourney rolls around this Cougar team could make things very interesting. Just curious, was it a good defensive game for the Cougars as well?
  13. Sounds like a good solid win for the Cougars. As the season progresses the Cougars seem to be coming together. I think it will be interesting to watch this team as they go along, and come District tourney time I believe Perry and his coaching staff will have this team right where they need to be. Congrats Cougars!!!!
  14. Rough start for the Cougars, but as the season progresses Perry will help them find their identity. The 16th region seems to be well balanced this year and for the most part no game is gonna be a gimme. I'll take the cougars in a close one.
  15. :thumb: The kids at Morgan will come together, not all teams in the region have the enrollment that Russell, Boyd, and Ashland have so for Morgan and Elliott to compete like they have been is a REAL accomplishment. No disrepect intended toward any team or players but lets give ALL teams and coaching staffs the respect they have earned!! Congrats to West Carter!
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