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  1. in the Herald Leader a few days ago, there was a story about Lexington Catholic getting in trouble for offering basically athletic scholarships for players. i didnt really read over it but i heard all sports got in trouble but baseball got it hard and somethin about being suspended 100 games. anyone else know anything about this?
  2. HC has had 2 close games all year (Christian Co. win in 2 OTs and Woodford Co. win in OT) but besides those, they have been smashing opponents by over 30 pts each game, especially dunbar (55-14) who people thought might be an upset. All you louisville people dont know whats comin, im takin HC, their O is unstoppable.
  3. the play calling was a little questionable also
  4. he is probably going to either kentucky or indiana
  5. How does SL deal with Simpson? More like how does SL deal with Johnson. Simpson is just good because Rod Johnson is unreal. If youve ever been to a HC game youd know that Johnson does it all when he runs because HCs O-line is horrible. and talk about HC nose guard being underrated, just watch him one game and youll see he drives the center back every play.
  6. id say overall LexCath is the best team in lexington because their class of 07 is the best in the state, lead by ben revere who has a good shot at being drafted in the top 5 rounds on the draft after his high school career
  7. Chris Craycraft(Henry Clay)- UK Cory Hodgskins(Henry Clay)- Cincinnati Robbie Reeves(Dunbar)- Illinois Trail College Ben Eubank(Henry Clay)- Miami (Ohio)
  8. HC is going to dominate the 43rd district and lexcath is going to win the 42nd, and has a good chance at state, so do a couple others in that district also though, and HC also has a chance too because theyre going to get a lot of experience during the season because they have a very hard scedule (ex. Cincy Moeller HS)
  9. yeah that trevor gott kid does not throw even close to that hard, he might have hit 80 once, but thats not truly throwing 80s. and theres no way he will start in the outfield for tates creek next year because he cant at the hs level, let alone varsity. it may look like 81 from 46' but from 60' its about mid 70s, maybe, its still good dont get me wrong but the kid is almost 6' tall, if your that big you should be able to throw that hard.
  10. Mitch Florence may be one of the best pitchers in the region but, he is about all Henry Clay has, they going to win games by hitting the ball not pitching. Brady and Olczowy will eat up good innnings and Deaton could be a good middle reliever, same with a sophmore Matt Harris who i played with over the summer could be affective also. but their top 3 hitters (Brady, P.Jones, and Allin or Piasick) will carry them.
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