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  1. Sheldon Clarks offense scores big in this one. The deffense is playing tough.Sheldon Clark 48. Prestonburg 6.
  2. Sheldon Clark is looking good. Sheldon Clark 48 Knott County 6.
  3. Good luck spud. I hope you learn something. Because the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.
  4. Sheldon Clark will be on the hunt for a championship. Lets go cards.
  5. I hope Sheldon Clark passes the ball more this year. Our wr, need to work on footwork, speed, and holding on to the football. Our qb, needs to work on finding the open man,and passing accurately. I think this will help them put more points on the board. Our d needs to be more aggresive. Last year everyone broke down,and stopped way to early, and we were making alot of arm tackles. Breaking down is for db, not for lineman, and linebackers. Corners, and safteys need to work on their coverage, and work as ateam
  6. Whats wrong with the belfry fans.
  7. If the school is a 3a. They need to play in 3a. Good luck with your season.
  8. Sheldon Clark imo, will have alot of work to do. If the boys work hard in the weight room and do alot of conditioning, footwork and speed. will be just fine. I belive when the season starts coach Hager will have them ready.
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