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  1. AMAZING:Blume nowhere to be found
  2. He was thinking of Ohio yes, but Morehead is where he is most interested in. If it were my choice, I'd make him go to Ohio, but it his his choice, so let's leave it at that. :thumb:
  3. My son will most likely be going to Morehead St. along with 2 others from Johnson Central, both offensive linemen Jeremy Curtis and Jacob Howard.
  4. For Johnson Central, probably when they MURDERED Paintsville in the Apple Bowl 50-6. :ylsuper: The most entertaining game for JC was the game @Logan, WV when they won 69-40 in a shootout. :eek:
  5. Brandon Peters is extremely fast but my son has told me that Brandon has suffered an injury. Can anyone elaborate on this?
  6. Just because they are signing with D-1 A and D-1 AA doesn't mean that they had an All-State type of year.
  7. Yeah, Congrats to Russell. Can anyone post the Large School All-Area team for me? Ihave no other way of knowing who is on it.
  8. Blake Johnson FB/LB for Johnson Central. This kid is a freaking bull at 6' 240 !!!
  9. Davis along with Blake Johnson and Michael Tackett of JC.
  10. Even thought his season is over, Blume was a game changer.
  11. My son has had one of the best HIGH SCHOOL careers and he can be added to the list. BUT, I for one see the reality of things and realize he will not play at a D-1 college at first; maybe his junior or senior year transfer from a D-2 or D-3 college. But, I tell you this and promise you, he will make some noise some where.
  12. I'm surprised no one took offense to this. Slow, white hillbillies? :laugh:
  13. I disagree. I think he is a close #2 behind Ian Holbrook.
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