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  1. I expect Caldwell to pass frequently. The Barnes kid had some solid numbers last year as a sophomore, per some excellent receivers. Though the Williams kid graduated, Tittle is back, a young man who caught several last year. I'm not sure about the rushing attack, but I'm willing to bet that 2/3 of their offensive production will be in the air.
  2. I guess Caldwell's for real. Should be a dog fight against Fort Campbell. I'll jump out on a limb and go with Caldwell by a touchdown.
  3. They tried to unleash the passing game in the first 3 quarters, but Caldwell eliminated it with their pass rush. Barnes managed this game well.
  4. I'll take Caldwell at home. Bell's absence hurt more last year than it will this year, as I think Caldwell is less one-deminsional than previously. A close one fueled by Blackpatch.
  5. I'd expect AJ Thompson from Crittenden to get some attention. 6'4, 295 lb. junior who was all-wkc last year.
  6. Come on, Lone Oak's beaten Ballard and Murray? 2-0's a decent start, but I expect Marshall to remind everybody why their 4A and Lone Oak's 2A. Marshall 30ish Lone Oak 7
  7. Why did he leave? Problems with Chummy? Personal problems?
  8. Does Ncc HAVE A DEDICATED website? What's the starting line look like? Size and grade? The line will tell it all. B-town had great speed and talent, but their line was small. Could be very telling. I'm figuring this one to be a toss up. I'm going with Mayfield, in a slugfest, 28-27.
  9. I'm going to say that Mayfield win this one, in impressive fashion! They've got the total package, and I don't live in Mayfield. 28-0.
  10. We scored 3 td's (1 called back), against this defense (Metcalfe) on the road. I expect mayfield will win this, shutout style! 34-0 Got all the respect in the world for you guys, well, I might be reaching a little there.
  11. At Mayfield. If Bardstown line is small, they're in the hurt already. They may be fast but Mayfield is big and fast. Take Mayfield in a grinder, 21-7.
  12. We scored 3 td's (1 called back), against this defense (Metcalfe) on the road. I expect mayfield will win this, shutout style! 34-0
  13. I know what what you mean. If Mayfield comes out a little slow, Critt.'s margin of victory might be larger.
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