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  1. At one point a few years ago, Highlands did close external enrollment, but recently opened it back up. I don't remember the exact years, but I remember hearing about it.
  2. I disagree. I think Highlands fans understand Cov. Cath. is a solid team this year, which cannot be said for the birds. No one should be surprised if this one ends up fairly lopsided.
  3. Nothing really matters until the playoffs. You might as well consider these games scrimmages. There is plenty of time to make some improvements and begin a run come week 11.
  4. There was only one player I can remember who commuted into town every day. All others were residents of Ft. Thomas.
  5. 20, maybe 30 years... He's still fairly young. Anyone who is close to the program at Highlands knew that last year and this year were going to be down years. Somebody eluded to why the stands were so empty during Highlands' first game against Cooper, I would venture to say that was a big reason. To be honest, I was surprised Highlands came away with a win. What wasn't surprising was a loss to Scott Co and Ryle. Also, I feel bad for the boys this week. It's going to be a long ride home from Louisville. Congrats to Ryle, the success has been a long time coming. Keep trucking, and good luck with the rest of the season.
  6. Michael Bush - Male Marty Reagan - Rockcastle Brandon Smith - Boyle Kelvin Turner - Danville Ben Wittwer - Elder
  7. A losing record, really? Highlands hasn't had one of those since 1955.
  8. I find this very hard to believe. There is little-to-no incentive for him to coach at this point. He wouldn't have given up one of the best coaching jobs in the state if he was planning on coaching again.
  9. I agree with what is being said here about helmets and concussions, but I think some people are missing the bigger picture. 1. Coaches should be teaching kids how to tackle correctly. Not only does this prevent concussions, but obviously, it makes the team better at tackling. Too often now, you see kids striking with their heads, forearms, and shoulders, with little to no wrapping. That's just bad tackling and it highly increases the risk of all kinds of injuries by both offensive and defensive players. 2. Which is more dangerous, a concussion or overheating? I'm no doctor by any means and both "injuries" are important, but it seems like losing the helmet for a month or so goes a lot further to prevent heat-related injuries than keeping it on to prevent concussions. I've heard of too many heat-related fatalities when it comes to summer football and I would think that's something that's worth preventing.
  10. No one said SK wasn't any good. It will likely be a great game. The main point I'm trying to make is, if any "crushing" takes place, history has proven 25 times that it will not be by SK.
  11. HHS is 25-1 against SK. SK has a lot of work to do before even being mentioned in the same sentence as Highlands. This is not the year for HHS loss #2 .
  12. I saw the first non-pancake at 2:15. Pretty darn impressive...
  13. Come on now... last year, SK handily lost to Dixie, who got blown out by Trinity. I appreciate your optimism for SK, but they can barely touch the top 5 in 6A. You really think they can hang with Male, Trinity, St. X, etc?
  14. #1 in NKY really doesn't mean much when you are consistently nationally ranked in the top 25.
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