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  1. The left handed guard your refering to is Adam Crews, which I believe he won MVP of the 33rd District tournament. Although he had a great night, it was a complete team effort with big baskets by Curry, Huffman, and Bowling. Also CHS had a great fan section tonight which helped keep the boys pumped up.. Conrats to the cougars and good luck to both teams from here on out!!
  2. As far as the other good players go, Alex Curry of Conner can hold his own, as well as Huffman. I'm not quite sure how good Scott is this year, but I think that if Scott gets tired, as many people are saying, and if Conner stays out of foul trouble, then this one will go to the cougars... A close one, but: Conner- 51 Scott- 43
  3. What about Durbin from Conner?? I know he didn't have quite as an oustanding year as he did last year, but I figured he'd go D2 for sure... There were even rumors of small D1, but after this season a very small likely hood... Anyone know anything??
  4. Although Conner isn't pulling in all the wins they would like to be, Travis Huffman is playing well thus far...
  5. No..... Just Kidding, only having a little fun :thumb: I'm rooting for Lance Durbin!! :ylsuper: :ylsuper:
  6. Alex Curry is pretty underated from Nky. The kid can has some great hops and a nice mid range jumper and he wasnt even mentioned on the top 15 list in the 9th region preview.
  7. Sounds like Russell's great D should be a good match-up for Newport's great O... Can't wait for this one to play out...
  8. Newport is a completely different team then usual and has one of the most devastating offeneses in NKY. Not too sure how good Russell is this year, but Im pretty sure Newport will put up alot of points. Newport-34 Russell-28
  9. Newport and Highlands. I was pulling for Fern Creek in 4a, but since there out, I dont really care who wins.
  10. Pretty suprised Lincoln Adams is not on this list?? He totally dominated in evey game he played this year, even cross town foe Beechwood? Also somewhat suprised not to see WR's like Canafax, Bovard, and Durbin. But Adams should definetly be on the list!!
  11. It's not as much the fact that they asked the question, it's the fact that one QB will lose the poll. I sure as heck know that wouldn't make me feel very appreciated, especially if the poll was a blowout. But the bottomline is that this news paper probably should have never posted this online poll, and hopefully will not do this again in the future.
  12. I just dont think Dixie can handle Cory Farris... Boone's D has all the weapons to stop Dixie's high powered offense. I really have no preference to who wins this one, but I think Boone will pull away with this one. Boone-35 Dixie-21
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