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  1. No doubt on that!! this kid can play!!
  2. I believe Belfry this year is much better than last years squad........ I do think the 03' was the best team of them all
  3. Cam, I don't think Haywood is in shape enough for that lol haha
  4. I would definley take US 52 in WV... Its by far quicker... Just get on 119, and go towards Belfry.. you won't miss it... promise
  5. I think this is one of the best defensive backfield Belfry has fielded in years... They are quick to get to the ball, and make hits... As long as they keep wraping up, and not arm tackling... But last few weeks, they have been locked & loaded... Lee, Kohari, & others have been instrumental... One thing this team does, that Belfry is known for is hit, and they HIT HARD..
  6. I have been impressed with #2 (Lee), and the quarterback #5 (Elkins).. both of those sophomores have been tremendous to this team..:thumb:
  7. Belfry seemed to score at ease in the 3rd.. 4th quarter I gotta lil' nervous
  8. There is usually four sections..... They alternate, If it is the same format as last year, there is no assigned seats, because in 03' there were assigned seats, and you had to sit where your tickets were.. but in 04' you could sit wherever you pleased.. Anyways, the first teams play, and sit opposite sides as each other.. Home team on the home side, Away team on away.. Then during the first game, the second games fans sit according on the side of the home/away teams.. So by the end of the first game, you have both home teams beside each other, and both away teams beside each other.. when the first game is over, the first games fan usually leave to celebrate Then as the 2nd game plays, the 3rd games fans usually take the place of the 1st games fans seats, according to the home/aways status.. But definley don't worry, the only game that comes close to feeling the stadium up, will be the 4A game... the 1A 2A & 3A will be lucky to have 7-10k a game... which usually doesnt fill up not even 40% of the staduim.. and LOL.. i know thats confusing, i hope it makes since.. lol if not someone delete it ... i hope i could help someone make sense of things lol
  9. I think one team that everyone should watch out for next year, is Sheldon Clark.. IMO they have a great oppurtunity to be really good.. They have alot coming back.. They were a very young team this year, and still managed to knock off a good Lesie Co. team..
  10. Home field advantage is so key between these teams. I believe if last years game would have been at Russell, then Russell most likely would have won.
  11. IMHO, I don't think Russell is a better team. I think these teams are extremely closely matched. Its been forever ago since Russell had been to the State Championship game. They had been so close, so many times. It was at a boiling point. They were as hungry as Belfry was back in 03'. When someone is that determined to not be stopped, they'll be hard to bring down. That along with being home, propelled the Russell team to the win. If the situation was reversed, and Belfry had been so close so many times, and hadn't been in a long time, I would say they would have won at home. What I would have liked to seen, is last nights game played at Belfry. IMO, it would have been an even better game.
  12. That is correct.. 2 1/2 trip is a disadvantage. But I do like the phrase who wanted it more. Because you see how Russell came out hungry. Did you see the determination they had to make it to the state championship. I think these teams were evenly matched. Its been a long time coming for Russell, and I think they were more hungry for it, along with revenge. All those underclassmen on last years teams remember what it felt like walking off the field at Vipperman last year, just one win away from thier dreams. And watching Belfry celebrate. And it showed. Russell came out with fire. Now the situation has changed. All those freshman, sophomores, and juniors off of this years Pirate team will remember how it felt last night, watching Russell celebrate right in front of them. Now they can use that as a tool, of motivation next year, to get back on top.
  13. It shouldn't be much different, just make you a little quicker
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