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  1. Around $64. KHSAA has a contract with riherds. Regional and Semi Final trophies are a little more. Host school school pays for winner and runner up for regional and semi's
  2. You put 11 on the field no matter what size school you are and the public schools have all the advantages on the county schools. Getting kids out is easier. They live closer. Everybody knows that.
  3. I don't know that they actually quit. PC returned a KO and Punt and recovered a fumble on the HC 20. Three quick scores would make it look like they quit but that was not the case. Mental errors was part of it the PC QB was outstanding. Take him off the PC team and things would have been even.
  4. NL will surprise a lot of people. They should be in the playoffs for sure. The attitude has changed at NL. Those kids and coaches are working very hard and expect to win every game they play and that is the way it should be.
  5. It is called a promotion. Some promotions in the school system do not allow you to be a head coach in major sport because of the time invloved.
  6. Illegal to pay under the table. Boosters can pay the school board and they can take the money and pay the coach.
  7. Do the players enter the field coming down the bleachers? This is unique plan. Bet the players get motivated. Is the ROCK still there that they use to touch on the way to the field for years? That big rock has got to be sentimental to them.
  8. A good way to spread it is on here. I don't think Koog is being replaced.
  9. Looks like this is a problem facing a lot of schools. Kids specializing in sports. Why can't they play them all and enjoy their high school career? I think some of them are being led in the wrong direction and this could be by parents that think they are a D1 prospect in a certain sport when actually they would be lucky to play NAIA. ( and there is no disrespect to the NAIA schools)
  10. I really don't know what all they lost from the 2009 team. Can someone give some info on this? I heard the freshman class was small in numbers.
  11. Begin by hiring a head coach. Hit the off-season program hard and get the kids committed.
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