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  1. I agree totally. Musically speaking they still sound good. But, like you said Ronnie was one of the best songwriter/singers ever in IMO. The songs he wrote and sang defined Lynyrd Skynyrd. By the way, Billy Powell died on 01/28/09.
  2. No surprise. Now they have an off week to prepare for Shelby Valley.
  3. Awesome... I'm hooked on it for sure. Well worth the money for anyone considering signing up.
  4. I like watching some of the television shows. I'm catching up on the Lost series beginning with season one. Netflix is awesome! You can stream through xbox live as well as from your computer!
  5. I expect them to be... The audience members were told to arrive at 11:30PT rather than the usual 3:30PT for the live shows.
  6. Can't come soon enough! She can't play in HOH, so hopefully she goes back on the block and gets evicted this time around..
  7. Tonight's show is going to be taped today. Just in case a blow-up of sorts happens between the house guests if Jeff uses the Coup. The production will have plenty of time to edit and make it suitable for CBS if the need to arises. Chima has said she would "GO NUTS, WILD ANIMAL STYLE" if someone messes with her nominations..
  8. Jeff is not intimidated and WILL use the "Coup" tomorrow night. Jessie knows that he may very well be going home tomorrow night instead of Russ....
  9. John Wall will be a MAJOR difference maker wherever he goes....End of story.
  10. Well, at least he will be there.....if not yesterday, then today or tomorrow.
  11. Apparently, Coach Calipari flew to Portland, where Wall, Henry, and Cousins are preparing for the Nike Hoops Summit. Per Jerry Meyer of Rivals.com
  12. I read that as well... The misunderstanding seemed to be that he had said yes to a question of whether he had asked out of his LOI...but he did that right after BCG was fired and never went through with it completely. But, we'll see. He is still playing in the Derby classic too. Supposedly.
  13. From everything I've read on numerous sites. Momma quotes, his quotes, and all... To me it seems really obvious he really wants to be a Wildcat... Just the scholly situation is gonna be the hurdle. http://www.courier-journal.com/blogs/demling/blog.html
  14. That guy is a fraud, but he does have some good stuff to read through if anyone is interested about star wars....... He has no connection what so ever with George Lucas, just google him.
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