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  1. Welcome to the site brother, and keep safe.
  2. I can tell you are a very respectful guy from talking to you all the time, good luck in life and everything else you do!:thumb:
  3. What about some linemen to mention?
  4. #66 has to be theguru, why? I don't really know. I don't picture theguru being that tall and I don't see him being that short for some reason. Nothing funny here, I was just guessing on who you were.
  5. God,I love BGP,I spend all of my time on here and I enjoy every minute of it,thanks to all the members and mods,and especially The G-Man.
  6. I don't know about that, Breathitt maybe, but I don't think the rest of those teams could have competed with Mayfield, Beechwood, and Danville.
  7. How many people have asked for a new name?
  8. So you are telling the truth, there is no Cheer.
  9. Im telling all of you, Its an April Fools prank.
  10. You must be in on it....THERE IS A CHEER.......how have you known it was him?
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