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  1. I still don't believe it because Cheer told me the hot spots in Knoxville! I might be persuaded if Cheer doesn't post on here for a month. That would be like a 30 year chain smoker going cold turkey:lol:
  2. I would prefer Guru(Mr Burns) answere my question by the way. On a side note, this really makes you realize how dangerous the net could actually be! You can't trust anybody on the internet!!
  3. If this is true(which I'm very skeptical) then this is hillarious and I tip my hat. If this is not true then I still tip my hat for making everyone on here a wreck:lol: This is so funny to see everyone's reactions! To set my mind at ease, if somebody were passing through Knoxville what bars would you tell them to check out?
  4. Maybe Paul Brown stadium would let them do it for free!JOKE!! Seriously, Rawlings Stadium is an awsome place for a game and is pretty Central.
  5. Although I don't think the boycott is going to do any good I will say that it's frustrating being a coach outside of Lville and seeing your best athletes being openly recruited by a private school that doesn't have to play by the same rules as the public schools because they are private. I don't have the answere's for this Public vs Private debate and I haven't seen anybody come up with a solution yet. When I look at a school like Trinity I think, perhaps the best coaching staff in the state, state of the art facilities, TRADITION, compassionate fans, hard working kids, great education and som
  6. This post was done by LCPATS LC football history LINCOLN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL 1974-2002 Lincoln County High School was formed in 1974, through the consolidation of several county high schools. Of those county schools, the only one to have fielded a football team was Stanford High School. In fact, Stanford High School played football as early as 1909. Stanford High School was a small school (single A) and had many hard-fought battles with district rival Frankfort. Stanford*s football Coach at the time of consolidation, Bill Ed Leedy, became the coach at th
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