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  1. Thanks! If you can update at anytime it would be appreciated!
  2. Any scores from the winners bracket?
  3. I was just wondering if the fans and teams of the 9th region would have like officials from another region to come back again this year? What are the thoughts?
  4. I just saw on the KHSAA website that Boyle County started of 4-9 and has now won 16 in a row and is in the regional championship game. Are there any other teams who have had that much of a turnaround since the start of the season? And is the the longest winning streak in the state right now? Best of luck to Boyle County.
  5. 6th Region Wed @ Louisville Gardens N. Bullitt vs Western 330 Central vs DeSales 500 Doss vs B. Central 630 PRP vs Brown 800 7th Region Tues @ Louisville Gardens Moore vs St. X 330 Ballard vs Eastern 500 Male vs Trinity 630 J-Town vs Fern Creek 800 How crazy are these two regions going to be!!!
  6. 1st Marshall County 2nd Henderson County 3rd Owensboro Catholic 4th Warren Central 5th E-Town 6th Doss 7th Male 8th Shelby County 9th Holmes 10th Pendleton County 11th Scott County 12th Lincoln County 13th South Laurel 14th Perry Co. Central 15th Johnson Central 16th Boyd County TieBreaker: 13th
  7. That's not a walk. The if the player releases the ball for a try or a pass before the pivot foot returns it's legal.
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