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  1. A gang of females....... they must be on their way to the bathroom.
  2. The ire some people have voiced about losing their....... um...... poetic liscense.
  3. I bet the Mods didn't expect this kind of reaction. And I wonder how many times the posts in this thread we re-read for mistakes before the "Submit" button whas clicked?
  4. I gotta say, on the whole, I agree with you. I think all-state time is when the AP really looks bad with some place really loading up on the honorable mentions and people like Marty Reagan getting left off (which I beleive happened when he was a junior). And most of my family would agree with you saying that my point is contrary to whatever. My dad's been describing me as contrary for years.
  5. One thing I don't understand about several of these posts is why everyone thinks the AP voters are so much less informed that our BGP voters. The AP people follow sports for a profession, Most BGP voters have a day job and commit what free time they do have to sports. The BGP voters reside somewhere I suspect and would also suspect that they have more knowledge of local teams than those from across the state. Our BGP voters often have a favorite team, many times that they follow fanatically. I'm not sure AP voters have such a rooting interest in any one team. And how much do the BGP voters travel that they know so much more about football state wide than the AP guys do? The advantage the BGP poll has over the AP is more members and anytime you have more samples, the accuracy of any scienticif sampling will be greater.
  6. Little did Guru and the Cheese Graters know that their first gig as a headlining band would also be their last. The above photo, taken just before the 1986 Beechwood homecoming football game. G and the CGs were to play the national anthem before hte game and the annual sock hop that followed. Their mistake was wearing old practice uniforms for their stage costumes. "Uniforms worked for the village people," the Guru said the next day. "We were all set for our big day. We had all just gotten new hair cuts and learned our fourth and final cord. "This picture was the lineup as we were going to be on stage. Tito (57) was on synthesizer, Slick Stewart Jones (10) was playing accordian, Wild Will Westenhopper (66) was on drums and Little Davey (4) played guitar. And me, well, I was in the middle. Where the lead singer belongs." The trouble began when when the Beechwood coaches mistook Guru and Cheese Graters for actual players as the game kicked off. "I don't know how they could make such a mistake," Slick Stewart said from a stretcher after the game, "I mean LOOK at us." By the time the dust had cleared every member of the bad except the Guru has too badly injured to play. Since the Guru didn't know hot to play any of the musical instruments, he decided to give up the band and devote his efforts full time to football. He became a kicker. The end
  7. Ox, I think your post on the AP polls is one of the best I've seen. Instead of blasting the voters who do take the time to vote every week, you place the blame for underrepresented areas on those who chose not to vote. I think it's a very valid point. Is the AP poll correct every week? No. Is any poll correct every week? I'd say no on that one as well. The handicap of the AP is not enough voters for a true sampleing of the state. But I would say it's pretty much as good as any other.
  8. An interesting trim from Kingdom Come is to take Little Shepherd's trail all the way out to Whitesburg. It's gravel all the way and was pretty passable three or four years ago. you can actually start on top of Pine Mountain in Harlan and go all the way to Whitesburg. Pack a lunch.
  9. I usually take a couple of pictures of the falls and head for the rocks downstream. One of the most fun days I've ever spent was in college with a couple of friends of mine scrambleing around the bolders below Cumberland falls. We must have hiked 3 miles downstreak going from rock to rock. This was before I had ever heard of "Boldering"
  10. For some reason I picture you dangleing off the edge of Cumberland falls by a rope with a fishing pole clenched in one hand.
  11. How you do get access. Do you boat in or what? I would love to get there this spring/summer.
  12. What tree leaves a black sticky deposit on squirrels after they eat from that tree.
  13. I've heard the trout fishing downstream from the Cumberland falls is great. Most of the river is limited access from what I understand and you have to boat in. I really want to do some fly fishing there this year.
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