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  1. I believe he is ready, he has been getting these kids ready for 6a for awhile now. He will also put some good coaches around him. The man is dedicated, and the kids in this program love him, he will get the very best out of them. Yes it is a 6a school, but they are putting out numbers of a 4a school. This is the first year they had enough kids to have a freshman team, in quite awhile. He will help with the numbers issue because the parents trust this man with their kids, and the kids want to play for him. He is a former player for dixie, and he bleeds red and grey. No one in the program can say anything but good things about this coach.
  2. I believe he is involved in the school district in some manner. More than likely Turkeyfoot.
  3. I can see some of your points, but this man will bring more kids out to play at a "6a" school. He is a natural leader and the kids will follow him. Many kids were ran off by the last coach. The kids at Dixie want him as their coach, he has been coaching for quite awhile now, can't give you an exact number but it's been years. He is loved in the Dixie program, and he will put in the work, and dedication needed to make Dixie a great program. Varsity, jv, and freshman.
  4. Even Bill Belichick had to start somewhere. So just because it's a middle school championship. It's more than Brossart had. He knows the program, the kids, and the parents. He is a favorite. You act like he is about to take the reigns at a championship factory. He is a good coach, and will put the work in to make it a good program.
  5. They have a great coach right down the street at Turkeyfoot. Dave Sebowski, he is a former player of Dixie's, and won a championship in 18, with the group of the upcoming seniors. He has already coached a lot of the kids in that program, and the kids love him. He would be a favorite I would think. He is a hell of a football coach and he would run that program like a well oiled machine. If Dixie is smart that's who they should go with.
  6. If he is, he needs to do it sooner rather than later so Dixie can start their search asap. I see Simon Kenton got themselves a fine coach.
  7. It's time for dixie to make a change. This was a great team with many athletes, that will play college ball next year. They should of never lost like this. It's not on the kids. Hats off the ryle!!
  8. I hope the new coach can get some kids to come out and play football. Because I know there is some talent in that city! That football program has had some great teams!!
  9. Ryle needs to keep their heads up after this one. I close hard fought game against one of the best teams in the state. I would not want to see them come November!
  10. Hey look I'm not the only one on this post that thinks the play calling is suspect. I was agreeing with another person on this post. But they did have illegal procedure call after the onside kick. They proceeded to throw two hail Mary's instead of working the sidelines. Not sure how many timeouts where left cause he burns them earlier also alot of times. I have nothing against the man, just calling it how I see it. I have no horse in this race.
  11. No is attacking his character. Being a class act in your opinion is fine. Sounds like he is your friend. I'm just saying it's not on the kids. Dixie is deeper arguably all the teams they lost too.It's always on the head coach. That's any sport. The qb had many of them rushing yards because of a busted plays and the wrs being covered. Landers is a baller and can use his legs to get himself out of alot of busted plays. I know his jv and freshman get destroyed on the weekly. That's not a program getting kids ready for the next level. You can't defend that.
  12. Corbin is a good team, I think sk will have a really good team next year. They are a young team.
  13. Definitely agree!! That punt was mind blowing.
  14. You hit the nail on the head. The play calling is suspect at Dixie. This Dixie team is too deep and too talented to already have 3 losses. I've been to a couple of Dixie's games this year and there is alot of rumbling from the fans. This team is better than 3-3. The Highlands game was the best they looked all year, and he totally went away from running the ball.
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