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  1. Not surprised at all with the Hawley situation, couldn’t make it at CAL, now there’s issues at Collins. You can’t force a kid to practice and play hard!!
  2. Does anyone know why Collins forward Caleb Hawley wasn’t there tonight, heard parents say he quit the team this week.
  3. Mabrey is a really nice player, future is bright for that kid!! Whitlock and Griffen are both really solid guards, have really been impressed with all 3 when I’ve seen them.
  4. McKnight not getting any help lately from what I’m hearing. BTW he should be Mr Basketball hands down.
  5. Shelby County really has hit rock bottom, unfortunately when a program loses that many kids over a few years, this is what happens, Kids are running to get out of that school, really sad.
  6. Going to be more Jrs in 8th region getting serious D1 looks. I know a few that are getting offers and some that will soon.
  7. Pitching looks like Shelby’s issue this year for sure, have to agree with you on that, might have them a little high. Should be a fun year.
  8. How could I forget Travis Smith, yes that kid is Top 4 for sure!! Anyone else missing from list?
  9. Their AD definitely has her work cut out for her, but these transfers are happening on her watch. Not sure what she can do but hope to see improvements.
  10. Top Players 1. Logan Beard North Oldham 2. Austin Reed Oldham Co 3. JT Benson South Oldham 4. Deaton Oak Oldham Co 5. Mikaii Stoner Collins 6. Austin Griffin Shelby Co 7. Gavin McLarty Oldham Co 8. Tyler White Collins 9. Blake Cook Shelby Co 10.Landon Scott Simon Kenton 4.
  11. I’m not even a Shelby County supporter and this situation really brothers me.
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