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  1. The simple answer is the coaches messed up at Cooper. They already had one of the best qbs in nky. You say you see a lot of promise from the new QB but look at numbers. #5 (sophomore yr) 1300 yds 89 per game 9 tds 17 int #7 (sophomore yr) 1000 yds 101 per game 12 tds 6 int. + 750 (on the ground) 12 tds Now looking at these numbers who has more potential? It looks like there where other motives involved in that decision. I want to make it clear I'm not trying to attack the new Qb but these are just facts. I don't think it's the kids fault he just wasn't ready. On top of that the coaches ran off three starters this year. Which means three of your top 11 guys because Cooper plays there starters both ways. What's the excuse for that? When the kids would rather quit then play for the coaching staff then there's a problem and it's not the kids. It's time for Coopers head coach to go but it's not gone happen because who would stop there self from collecting two checks even if it was for the better.
  2. There wouldn't be so many mistakes if the kids were put in the right position to succeed. Cooper doesn't need excellence from the coach just competence. Cooper's coaches would rather die they way then admit they was wrong. 21 should have been starting all year 7 should have been back at quarterback after the first couple games and if the coaches didn't run off two starting receivers 81 would have had somebody out there to help him. Its ridiculous to watch and I feel sorry for the the kids that really put they all into the game to keep on coming up short because of stupidity and arrogance.
  3. Anybody who gets on here and defends the coaching staff at Cooper knows nothing about football. Not only is it bad play-calling its bad play design. I'm tired of seeing Cooper lose to teams that there obviously better than and then there's people like you that come on here and blame the kids when it's obviously the coaches. Those kids played they heart out despite the coaches.
  4. I wish Cooper's coaches would get off this website and learn how to coach a game.
  5. How is it not bad play-calling when you don't get the ball to your best player?
  6. Cooper's offense is hard to watch. The play calling was horrible.
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