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  1. I live in a football household. My husband played, my oldest son played and my youngest will be a Junior player this year. There is not a day that football is not discussed in our house. Recently my husband passed away. One of the last discussions we had was about the upcoming football season and the hope they would get to play. I know that for most people it is just a sport that they see little value in but for my son it has been a lifeline that has allowed him to focus on something besides the loss of his dad. His coaches and teammates have given him a sense of normalcy in this very difficult time. As a football parent I have to decide what I feel is best for my son and playing without anymore delays is what is best for him. Football is his safe spot were he can just be a kid and forget. I am willing to take that risk because I refuse to allow fear to rule our lives and because there are no guarantees in life . I feel not playing would be a bigger risk for his mental health. Other parents may make a different decision and that is their prerogative. Hopefully, KHSAA will realize that a blanket decision does not fit every area of the state and leave the decision to play up to the local districts that understand what is going on in their communities.
  2. 4th Region All “A” finals. Congrats to Metcalfe! After struggling for a few years, Metcalfe is making strides in the right direction with a record of 11-7.
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