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  1. 1988-89 Covington Catholic won with Studer, Etler and Johnson. Studer banked in a three at the buzzer from the wing against Holmes. Probably the only intentionally banked 3 to win a championship in the history of the tournament.
  2. IHM won 8th, 38-31 over St Pius.
  3. No one in this thread has made a single negative comment about the Holmes girls and they shouldn’t. My daughters have played against them 6 times the last two years. They play hard and well. They aren’t dirty at all and no one should characterize them that way. The coach seems like a solid guy and is a good coach no doubt. Their parents on the other hand are ridiculous, foul mouthed and detract from the performance of their players. The administration is aware of that and committed to addressing it.
  4. Ihm has 2 players that play freshman for St Henry and one that plays freshman for Holy Cross, that is permitted under the by laws and has been for 3 years. The player that is rostered for Holy Cross jv hasnt played a second of a JV game this season. She is likely rostered for games after middle school is finished. That is also permitted.
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