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  1. Congrats to CCH on the 20 wins! However, I would not saying any CCH players, coaches, or fans, are "JUST FINE" with losing the District Championship to Beechwood. Beechwood owned CCH in both basketball and baseball District Tourneys this year. That has never happened! If Coach Krumps is "Just Fine" with the season thus far, considering the superior talent CCH has walking the halls, then there truly is a bigger problem. Losing districts should never be acceptable to them!
  2. This has turned into commentary that likely belongs in another post because it has nothing to do with Campbell County. I will leave it at this: I speak the Truth - good ball players are not playing specifically because of Krumps. And McGinness is not playing college football.
  3. My comment has nothing to do with the last 30 years as I can't speak to that. What I can speak to is that there are 5 seniors and 1 junior not playing specifically because of Krumps. All of these players would be impactful in the current roster. 4 of them are pitchers. 2 of them would be in the top 4 of the batting order. All of them could have played at some level in college. Again, lack of seniors and pitching is hurting the tea. These are two reasons CCH can't compete this year. They easily won the freshmen tournament 3 years ago.
  4. Colonels are seriously impacted by lack of seniors and pitching because Krumps ran them all off over the last 3 years.
  5. Primarily was the wrong choice of words. Should have said with some amazing talent.
  6. Agreed. If the question were best programs, you could easily go with SC, CCH, and Trintiy. But SC has lost more than once with the best talent. And CCH has won primarily due to their talent. Trinity lost some big talent from last year and just won it all. Sullivan is the easily one of the best coaches in NKY. There are many others from across the state that that have won despite their talent.
  7. Not a foul, and few refs are gonna call it at that point in the game. Congrats Rocks! Great season Camels ...
  8. I agree. The offense looked stagnant in H1 and we hoped for some big changes and a run in Q3 but it was just the opposite. CCH started both halves with the point guard turning it over at midcourt which led to 2 easy layups. Then, as Q3 slipped away, still no changes were made ...
  9. Whoa, the Camels get redemption! Congrats to CCHS! And congrats to WV on a banner year!
  10. CCH seemed afraid to shoot until they had too. Three of the players that helped them rally were on the bench the majority of the game. CCH coaches choice in players rotations were baffling. Davin played the first 90 seconds of the game, does nothing wrong while others turn it over and make bad fouls, yet he is yanked and doesnt play until the final 2 minutes where he drains 2 threes.
  11. Congrats to Scott County. They will roll into the finals! Q3 killed CCH. Down 7 at the half. Thelen and Mayer easily missed 7 shots within 3 feet. And the team missed at least 10 free throws in Q3. Hold your head up Colonels. Great season and be proud of the comeback you made to keep it from being a beat down!
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