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  1. This group is a special group of athletes. One of the best three year runs I’ve seen in my time following Jumper athletics.
  2. Two stands inside the 20 - Somerset was 4/4 in the red zone. Somerset’s offensive line got push on an 8 man box and was still able to make lanes for the backfield. Stinson and company for mayfield are unbelievable. Timing game for them was phenomenal and the running back is as underrated an athlete as the jumpers have seen. That said there was only about a 5 minute period on the clock I felt like Somerset wasn’t in control of the game. All said and done I would’ve been disappointed in the loss but proud of what these guys accomplished. I know it’s been there done that for Mayfield fans but the attitude of championship or bust is asinine in public school high school sports. Your kids are PHENOMENAL football players and they deserve credit for an outstanding season.
  3. I stand by my statement that Somerset PHYSICALLY dominated this game from the onset.
  4. Somerset physically dominated this game from the outset. If we had lost we would go back to the fumbled kickoff return and blame that play for the turnaround but honestly Somerset was the better team overall. Mayfield fans, I’m sorry, but stop. You guys are devaluing a heck of a season and validating what most believe to be true about Mayfield fans - whiners.
  5. And you guys haven’t won one in Kroger. Nobody on this thread cares about your history. Bye. You can enjoy second place bud. How many titles do the 2019 Cardinals have?
  6. Ok. You’ve been complaining for several hours. It’s over. Mayfield has an unbelievably good football team. Have a good off season.
  7. Somerset’s best receiver - a baseball junior Olympian and gamer like none other... I’d say they did a good job with the pass interference bc he would’ve absolutely caught it.
  8. Pass interference or not... jumpers win, Grats. Unbelievably good ball game,
  9. This is likely true. Somerset’s defense is good but not great. They have played an LCA team that is very similar in style of play and has elite athletes. Also the same core group that played very athletic (see vancleave and co) Danville teams over the year’s, as well as an unbelievably balanced and talented CAL team last year. Mayfield played both of those groups obviously, point is this group of seniors have all started since they were sophomores and that is why they are where they are this weekend. They will be out athleted, that’s a fact, they will not however be intimidated or shell shocked by all of Mayfield’s speed, which they have in spades. Flipping it over to Mayfield’s matchup has Mayfield played a QB as good as Sheron? A receiver as good as Grundy? A backfield and offensive line as deep and capable of taking over a game as Somerset’s? Somerset creates matchup problems because if you load the box they have playmakers on the edges, and if you keep extra guys in coverage they’ll chunk you with very physical RB and OL play. Jumpers aren’t flashy, but they can give you consistent problems.
  10. Breathitt had a perfect storm of transfers and kids improving tremendously. The schedule was made to pull them out of a hole, they have done that and more - far exceeding what was expected of them. Breathitt acquitted themselves very well and Collins is a stud RB who plays with a lot of grit. Somerset has a lot of playmakers; tough for anybody to stop consistently. They have to have a much better game defensively to have a chance against Mayfield. I will add this: There was a post by somebody on one of the sites (maybe this one) saying Collins will be the best player on the field by a long shot - I think as well as Collins played the best three players on the field were in purple - Kade Grundy, Kaiya Sheron and Jase Bruner.
  11. If both are fortunate enough to be playing next weekend Mayfield is (and should be) the heavy favorite. No need to give them any additional motivation. Good luck to both The Beechies and the Cardinals. Safe travels and zero injuries.
  12. Stop poking the Mayfield bear man. Have some humility, this thread has zero to do with Somerset’s offensive line.
  13. You’re not watching 23 and 24 for them then. Both of those kids would start for the jumpers.
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