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  1. No. Merely hypothecating that Mayer is a better blocker than Smith was. Granted my conclusion is based upon imperfect evidence and conjecture. But isn't that what is required when we make these ridiculous, fantastical comparisons across generations? It's really no different than concluding that Smith was a better receiver than Mayer because in one game against a 2-8 Scott team (a game that Highlands won 72-7 by the way) Smith had five touchdowns. That said, I agree with The Double Deuce that these discussions are silly and both players are AMAZING.
  2. Agreed. And I would add that those 300, plus yards came against a 2-8 Scott team. I remember the Scott teams of the late nineties. Hardly an accomplishment for someone as good as Smith and Mayer. I would also add that Mayer is much more than just a receiving tight end. His blocking skills are remarkable. Oftentimes, in short yardage situations, the Colonels will run behind him or they will line him up in the backfield and use him as a lead blocker. And, on a few occasions, he has run the ball with great success. Perhaps Smith was an good blocking tight end. I can't say. I only saw him play a few times in high school and I don't remember paying particular attention to his role as a blocker. But I do remember that the knock on him in college was that, for a TE, he was not a very good blocker. So, if we are judging these players on the standards for their position, as opposed to merely counting receiving yards, the clear edge goes to Mayer.
  3. I assume they don't replace the college goal posts with high school goal posts in Kroger Field? The high school goal posts are roughly five feet wider.
  4. I have not seen Reese Smith play this year. So, I can't disagree with you. But all that I have read and heard is that Beau Allen is a lock for Mr. Football. So, that is what has me surprised. I suppose it is possible for a player to be named Mr. Football in the same year that he fails to win District POY but it seems entirely inconsistent. I have seen Beau Allen live and on film. There is no denying that he is a great athlete and a very smart, accurate quarterback. He has a very promising career ahead of him and I wish him nothing but the best. Having said that, I have seen a couple players this year that I personally believe are better candidates for Mr. Football than Mr. Allen. Perhaps Reese Smith should be included among them and, based upon the POY results, I hope he is.
  5. Not that Reese Smith is any slouch but, for the reason you mention, I'm surprised to see that Beau Allen didn't win POY in his District (4A, D5).
  6. Players win games and Douglass has more 5-star players than any team in Lexington this year, and that includes the Big Blue team that plays on Saturday.
  7. Impressive. I'd like to see your list on every position group.
  8. I couldn't agree more. Lee is electric. The only thing between him and a D1 scholarship is size. If I were recruiting for a D2/D3/NAIA school I would not sleep on this kid. Great vision and instincts. Fun to watch.
  9. Would Jefferson Co. be allowed to cherry pick all the best talent from Floyd Co. (Indiana)?
  10. Sorry. You misunderstood me. Most of the yards that CCH gained this season (not in the Highlands game) were gained on short fields, due in large part to a great defense and excellent return game.
  11. Statistically, Highlands was, by far, the stingiest defense the CCH offense faced this year. In 4 Quarters of play, Highlands held the Colonels to 281 yards of total offense and 21 points. Against all other opponents, CCH is averaging 409 yards and 43.9 points per game. And those statistics tell only part of the story. Most of those yards were gained on short fields and those point totals were stunted by running clocks. Highlands' D also affected Jacob and the CCH passing attack. Against all other opponents Jacob has completed 69.5% of his passes for 202 ypg. He's also thrown 23 TD's, to only 4 INT's on the year. Again, most of that came on only 2 Quarters of work per game. Sophomore or not, Jacob's had a really good year. And in 4 Quarters Highlands held him to only 40% passing for 45 yards and no TD's. IMO the credit has to go to Highlands. While the weather was less than ideal, it was that way 8 of the 12 weeks that CCH played this year. It didn't prevent CCH from outscoring its opponents 504 to 124 on the season. And while the game against Highlands was a rivalry game, CCH has played in other big road games this year, including at DeSales (Columbus) and Chatard (Indianapolis). Chatard is undefeated against Indiana teams this year and they play in the state's Class 3A semi-final game this weekend. CCH had 580 yards of offense and scored 52 points against Chatard. Jacob went 19 of 30 passing for 385 yards, 3 TD's, and 1 INT. In the October 12 game Highlands showed multiple defensive fronts and they brought extra bodies from every depth and angle. It was a very effective game plan that kept the CCH O-line on their heels all night. The Highlands secondary also blanketed the Colonel receivers, making for very tight windows on short drops for the sophomore quarterback. If the Colonels are going to win this Friday's game they'll need to play a much better game on offense.
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