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  1. I was at the game but was told last years regional final game was broadcast live on this channel. Glasgow Scotties YouTube https://youtube.com/channel/UCCJ8KSriWX4ZyLu90Zxh8ag
  2. CAL played Glasgow last year and yes 6 can play. I thought he was a Jr. last year. Reclassified?
  3. 3 long pass plays and no one was within 15 yards of the receiver each time. Wing-T did hurt CAL. Long is a stud.
  4. I see Jesse reclassified as a Freshman this year. He played last year in regional final against CAL.
  5. I noticed Union beat Owensboro Catholic 12-7 earlier this year. Did Union have some key players out?
  6. CAL parent here. I want to complement the Mercer Co football team. My wife handed out post game food for the Mercer players and staff. She was blown away at how appreciative, respectful, and friendly the players were. Also talked with CAL parents that did the chains last night and they were very complementary of the coaches and players. Great to see a good football team doing it the right way.
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