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  1. Tennessee had an interesting year. Lost two games they shouldn't have and started 1-4 then finished 8-5. If they beat Georgia State and BYU, they are 10-3 and their only loses are to teams they should have lost to... Georgia, Florida and Alabama. As to their current recruiting ranking it is definitely skewed because of the number of commits (21). But, that also shows the kids they are going after trust the staff and want to be there. Tennessee won't truly be "back" until they win the East or at least beat either Georgia or Florida in the season and then finish near the top. Tennessee has a lot to offer and always will. Nashville is on fire right now and any kid looking to play at a school and then start his career (not the NFL) in a state with a lot of job potential, Tennessee is at the top of that list.
  2. Ryle is getting the new turf first because as mentioned above its just a remove and replace job. Because the other three schools are "new" installs requiring a considerable amount of grading and concrete work it will take considerably more time and effort. I think Boone and maybe Conner's track will be impacted and essentially replaced as well. But don't quote me on the last part. Cooper's track is new enough that it will not be impacted by the install.
  3. I want to say 9-1, but am struggling between that and 8-2. At some point, Ryle has to take advantage of the talent they have coming up through the pipeline. Don't sleep on Highlands either... both have a LOT of help on the way.
  4. Combined win/loss record of Highland's losses is 30-4 Combined win/loss record of Cooper's losses is 28-7 Cooper is going to be just fine. Will all come down to whether Cooper can get Lee into space !!
  5. Lacey Bradshaw - NDA Macie Feldman - NDA Going to cause havoc in the 9th for the next three years.
  6. Heard Lockland really jacked the rental rate. Not sure why. I think the relationship had run its course. Will be interesting to see how much longer Lockland can hang on as a school district. Very comparable to a Silver Grove type situation in NKY, but Lockland doesn't have one school district that would absorb them. It would have to be divided up between three or four.
  7. Here's the list according to wikipedia: Kentucky Miss Basketball - Wikipedia Looks like the answer is no.
  8. 1. Eviston was not on any list last time around. The job was Pat McLaughlin's (alum and LaSalle head coach) until Rosfeld emerged late in the process. 2. All GCL coaches are paid according to the GCL scale for that particular sport. All head coaches receive the same "base" and then percentage increases are given for years experience. It is not $40,000. Of course schools get creative with positions and other stipends for weight room duty, etc. I believe Rosfeld held a position either in the alumni or development office. Everyone would be shocked with what these guys actually make. This ain't Texas. The Covington Diocese is even worse because they have a unified scale for all schools. The Cincinnati Archdiocese does not. Moeller can pay its people whatever it can afford, but must abide by the coaches pay scale set by the GCL. So, in all likelihood the Bengals doubled or even tripled what Rosfeld was making at Moeller. 3. Maybe Eviston will be considered this time around. Who knows, but Cincinnati is a different beast and he doesn't have any experience dealing with it. A lot more competition to get kids to come to your school because there are so many choices. Rodenberg was very familiar that process having spent so many years at McNick before going to CCH. With the turnover the last 24 months, my guess is they will be valuing loyalty this time around and looking for someone to be in the job for awhile.
  9. Boise State trademarked any turf that is not green. Without getting into a long trademark discussion, you must ask Boise State for a license if you want a field other than green. Supposedly, they are granting those licenses for free as long as you aren't a competitor. Their position is that they want to control similarly situated colleges in their conference or who they deem competitors from taking the idea. In other words, they want to control the uniqueness of the different colored turf so that it remains "special" to Boise State.
  10. Good picks !! Unfortunately, there are four teams (OC, HC, Danville and Murray) that could win this but are on the same side of the bracket. Rooting for Walton-Verona to get through on the bottom side of the bracket...
  11. Could not be happier for Boone County, its fans, its alums and, most importantly, its current players. It's always a little more special when one of your own comes back. Bryson is a program guy. He won't have the fanciest offense or the trendiest defense, but he will have those kids organized, committed and believing in themselves. Don't expect some miracle turnaround, but an eventual return to respectability with a great season every now and then is certainly doable. The days of Coach Hauck are long gone. As I have said a dozen times on here, Boone County schools are currently just to watered down for any one of the high schools to dominate every single year.
  12. So what if I told you that Kentucky allowed second and third grade brothers to play high school varsity football. ESPN and 30 for 30 presents: "The Original Friday Night Tykes: the story of Dennis and Derrick Johnson at Harrodsburg High."
  13. Redistricting will happen when the free lunch numbers and test scores are so disproportionate with the other three schools they will be forced to act. It will not have anything to do with sports. The free lunch numbers are already ridiculous as compared to the other three high schools, but to BC's credit they have done pretty decent with the testing. A real kudos to the administration and teachers there. I would like to see BW give it a go. But it is HARD for a para-professional to truly devote the time necessary to do it right. Boone County has that "mix" of kids from different backgrounds that has served Colerain so well for the past 25 years. The right person needs to tap into that mix and execute a 5 to 7 year plan. But again, with 4 County high schools, one catholic high school, two independent school districts (if you count part of Lloyd and Walton Verona), a soon to open STEM/Tech high school its just so watered down for any one of the high schools to be dominate year after year on the local stage let alone on the state level.
  14. I come from this wanting BC to become competitive again. You hate to see a program with so much pride and tradition become so inept. As for redistricting, it is not a matter of if, but when. It will happen when the Superintendent and Board finally have the political will to do it. It is raised nearly every year and parents in areas to be impacted complain to the Board not to do it. So nothing is done. The socio-economic measure for any school (or district) is the amount of students that receive free and reduced lunch. The number of students receiving free and reduced lunch at Boone County and the schools that feed Boone County are so disproportionate to the rest of the Boone County schools it is laughable. Why is this important? Children receiving free and reduced lunch tend to be more transient. They move multiple times during their school career and it makes it damn near impossible to truly get your feeder programs where they need to be. The new rules for the NKYFL districts will help. There are players in Boone's youth teams that every coach in the league wants on their team. The challenge for Boone will be to keep those kids and have those kids want to go to Boone. Redistrict some more neighborhoods that have single family housing with more stable parents/kids and the ship could be righted. But, its going to take a long time for any coach. This is a five to seven year rebuild, not two to three.
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